Individuality, Creativity, Expression
these are the three trademarks for my music.

First of all I was knocked out by listening to all the saxophonegreats, who had or still have an recognizable sound like Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Harry Carney, Dexter Gordon, Gene Ammons, Stan Getz, Sonny Rollins, the Texastenormen Arnett Cobb and Eddie „Lockjaw" Davis, later John Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders, Wayne Shorter, Dave Liebman and Michael Brecker. Under their influences I could develope my own voice on Tenor-, Bariton- and Sopranosax.
At a certain point in my career, after learning the stuff you need to learn, there were and still come another questions in the foreground: how can I create my own music, which(!) other contemporay music and how to involve and mix it with jazz, how to reach an audience... and so I´ve founded with my collegues bandprojects like THE SCREENCLUB and D´n´A- GROUP.
the will for playing my own expression, to play serious Jazz with an emotional, powerful voice, this is something which makes my music special, no matter if it´s in a pure acoustic or electric content, in concert or just as a background.

I´m proud to have develop my own voice on my instruments, to play an individual sound, with a lot of dynamics and nuances in color and rooted deeply in the jazztradtion. So I use the follow instruments, which really represent the creme´de la creme of saxhistory:

Tenorsax- Gallery

Buescher 400 TH&C, Ser.- No. 309***
King Super 20 Sterlingsilver Neck, Ser.- No. 359***
Conn 10M, Ser.- No. 269***
Conn 10M, Ser.- Nr. K06***
Conn New Wonder I, Ser.- Nr. 134***
Kingston (Martin Handcraft Stencil), Ser.- Nr. 21***
Selmer Super Action 80, Ser.- Nr. 363*** 
Otto Link Metall (Florida Model 60´s, early Babbit and long shank)
No. 10, 10*, 11*
Marca Superieure 3 1/2, 4, Marca Peter Ponzol 3 1/2, Rigotti Gold 4H

Baritonesax- Gallery
Conn 12M, Ser.- No. 960***
Conn 11M, Ser.- No. N205***
Vintage Keilwerth (JKG), Ser.- No. 17***
Lignatone, Ser.- No. 49***
Otto Link Metall Supertonemaster 9,
OL Early Babbit Supertonemaster 9* and 10
Woodwind Co. K6 (Harry Carney- Model) and Woodwind B6
refaced by H.-W. Peters/Steamersound
Gonzales 3 3/4 and 4

Sopranosax- Gallery
Buescher True Tone, Ser.- No. 163***
Buescher True Tone, Ser.- No. 218***
Yanagisawa S900, Ser.- No. 00209***
Otto Link Kautschuk Tone Edge 12
Vandoren Classic 3 1/2

C-Melody Sax- Gallery
Conn Straight Neck, Ser.- No. 85***
Zinner C-Sax 8*

Altosax- Gallery
Selmer Super Action 80 Series 2, Ser.- No. 493***
Vandoren V16 No. 9M

To gurantee always my sound, even in amplified situations, I use the following

SD-Systems or Sennheiser 908 B
Sennheiser EW 100 G2
Boss Space Echo
Harmony Man Digitec
QSC K- Series K10 Monitor- and Stagebox

Here a short-story of my life in music.
Music studiies
1999-2003 Musikerziehung JAZZ/ROCK/POP at HMT Hannover, Saxofonlessons by Volker Winck/Frank Gratkowski, Matthias Schubert
Workshops and masterclasses
- Richie Beirach/Gregor Hübner
- Jazzcrusaders with Wayne Henderson and
  Jean Toussaint
- Jimmy Cobb Quartett with Eric Alexander
- Nyugen Lee
- Florian Ross
- Alexander v. Schlippenbach with Evan
Dissertation "Techniques of motivedeveloping in contemporary saxofoneplaying since Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane" : „Blue seven" by Sonny Rollins, „Impressions" and „Take the Coltrane" by John Coltrane, „Yes or no"by Wayne Shorter and „Passion dance" by Joe Henderson.
Many thanks to Christof Lauer and specially Dave Liebman for his the inspiration I get from him!!!

1997 „Best Tenorsaxofonist" at Winning Jazz
take part of the finale with „The Bridge" at "Bundesweiter Wettbewerb der
        prize for soloing on the tenorsax at    
        "internen Wettbewerb der  
        Musikhochschule Hannover"

Musicians, who I´ve played and/or worked with:
Joo Kraus, Christian Kappe (tp), Dave Liebman, Eric Alexander, Lutz Büchner, Waldo Wheathers, Emil Mangelsdorff (sax), Martin Lejeune (guit), Richie Beirach, Phil Markowitz, Max Vax, Larry Porter (p), Hajo Hoffmann, Gregor Hübner (viol), Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Tony Marino (b), Nene Vasquez, Clyde Stubblefield, Jimmy Cobb (dr), Siggy Davis, Lyn Collins, Marva Whitney, James Kakande, Emma Lanford, Melva Houston, Kip Blackshire (voc),
Old Merrytale Jazzband

since 2006 „Jazzmessenger" for Jazzclub Hannover in schools of the city and region of Hannover, a project called "jazz in school"
Teacher for „JazzIt", with Jean-Louis Rassinfosse and Thomas Brendgens-Mönkemeyer
Teacher at Burg Fürsteneck

David Milzow