The Screenclub - New Soul Jazz

The great saxophonetradition of a Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane and Rahsaan Roland Kirk meets the grooves of Funk, Boogaloo and Soul a´la James Brown or Jimmy Smith.
The virtuosity and improvisation of contemporary jazz and the grooves and dancefeeling of soul and funk culminate in a new big orchestralike bandsound, you can listen to it on the new album: "powerful, sophisticated, incredible groovy Souljazz ", "The time is now!"--- that´s it!!! (PRINZ 7/2008)

There are not many young musicians who are so deeply involved in the great jazz saxophone tradition like David Milzow.
He blows the big sound of the Hawkins-Rollins-school, combines it with the virtuosity and the „chromatic approach" of John Coltrane and Dave Liebman, is well known as a „multisaxplayer" similar to James Carter and revitalize the "double horn"- playing of Rhasaan Roland Kirk. David could get also a very good reputation by such different masters like Tom Scott, Dave Liebman and Sonny Rollins.
In The Screenclub the great saxophone-tradition of Jazzmusic meets the grooves of Funk, Boogaloo and Soul for the first time.
The grooveelement is an experience of the work with artists who has played or still play with James Brown and Prince: Lyn Collins, Marva Whitney, Martha High, Corey Parker, Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown and Maceo Parker) and Melva Houston (Staxstudios) to name just a few who work in the musical crossoverfield between Jazz, Funk and Soul.
David Milzow also has met Emma Lanford ("Horny") and James Kakande from starproducer Mousse T. on stage. David and his band have played for James Kakande´s album "My little red bag", released on Mousse T.´s  Peppermintjam-Label.
2005 David Milzow has joined the legendary „Mama Feelgood" Lyn Collins during a Europetour, followed by two CD-releaseses of these concerts.
2006 The Screenclub started a unique series of concerts at the "Jazzclub" in Hannover, Germany, where they feature renowned jazz and pop music artists, for example Joo Kraus and Siggy Davis. This concept stepped out in the german jazzclubscene and showed that also the young generation can be interested in Jazz.

The Screenclub- musicians
David Milzow
--- saxes (ts, bars, c-melody), comp, bandleader
Christopher Baum--- keys
Gunnar Hofmann, Spencer Sercombe ---guitar
Sebastian Hoffmann, Erwin Kühn--- e-bass
Moritz Dortmund--- dr
Nene´ Vasquez--- perc

References Clubs and Festivals

  • Jazzclub Hannover
  • EnercityCafe/Hannover
  • GIG/ Hannover, opener for Wayne Henderson´s JazzCrusaders
  • Jazzclub Minden
  • Jazzclub Regensburg
  • Jazzkeller Frankfurt
  • Staatstheater Braunschweig, opener for Jazzkantine
  • Hamburg Stage Club
  • Mandarin Casino (Hamburg)
  • Moods Zürich
  • London Jazz Cafe´
  • La Maroquinerie, Paris (Europetour Soulpowerallstars with Martha High/Lyn Collins)
  • Summersouljam BAD/Hannover, opener for Cultured Pearls, Soullounge und Jazzkantine 2003
  • Young JazzNight/Swinging Hannover 2005/2007/2008
  • Jazz in June/Marktkirche Hannover 2007 with Ron Ringwood,
    opener for Jasper van´t Hof and 
    Rhoda Scott
  • Jazz an St. Petri/ Lübeck 2007, opener for Klaus Doldinger´s Passport