Mezza Milzow Project

Pianist Vittorio Mezza und Saxophonist David Milzow, two musicians, who began a musical relationship, which stands for contemporary Jazz as an European meeting between Italy and Germany:
First they met in the USA at the place of the older statesmen in Jazz, Dave Liebman.
Since then they´ve developed together their own musical language:

European Jazz on the amount of its time, with odd meter- Rhythms, sophisticated original compositions, chromatic harmonies... so far so good.

There´s this something special, what makes this cooperation to something else:
It´s the direct, "right away" expression by Mezza and Milzow, two true virtuosos on their instruments, who understand it to attain the attention of the audience alone through their individual, emotional sounds on their instruments.

Like in a movie or stage play Mezza and Milzow create through their compositions and special styles on Piano and Sax new atmospheres and moods, originate Jazz, which is not just formal convincingly, but also shares a real depths of feeling and experience with the listener, which become rarely heard in the jazz scene today.

Music not only for the intellect, not only for the body, it´s Jazz for Body and Soul!