15 Oct 03

Please vote for me as the next "SAX IDOL" for the competition of the legendary Keilwerth- Company!

Dear friends, I need your support:This year I take part @ the "Sax Idol"- competition by the legendary Keilwerthcompany. The Public voting on my entry takes place between 10/16/2015 and 10/23/2015.Would be graceful for your vote, here´s...


15 May 01

Sax meets House and Clubmusic-               EP "Pink Butterfly" released

New EP "Pink Butterfly" available online! The Saxophonsoundtrack for this summer, from the 27th of April@ DJShop, Itunes, Amazon und Co., Production by David Milzow and Guitarwizard Kai Reuter!!Cool tracks played on...


14 Oct 21

Mezza Milzow Project - debutalbum released                                                   Italy meets Germany

It´s a pleasure for me to introduce a very special project with my colleague, masterpianist Vittorio Mezza on my homepage.Our debutalbum - recorded with drummer Ettore Fioravanti - is just released and we get already some...


13 Jul 18

Jazz from Hannover/Germany!

Dear friends and listeners, if you like to look and listen to some of our "best moments" in our concert-series "Jazz Downtown- the sound of surprise"please visit my youtube-channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BKCDM1/videos There you can see...


12 Nov 07

New Release: DNA-Group performs Red Hot Chili Peppers!

What is the connection between Red Hot Chili Peppers and jazz fusion? The answer is this album!Once all great jazz musicians transformed the best popular songs of their time in improvisational art .Nowadays the DNA GROUP - with saxophonist David...


12 Aug 16

Find me at facebook, new!

Please check out also my new facebookpage, so if you enjoy,feel free to click "like it"  :-) or let´s be facebookfriends


11 Dec 29

Jazz in Hannover, a look back in 2011

What a year!A big thank you to all my colleageaus, who always give their best in our "tour de force"-concerts!A big thank you to Marion, Mike and the Chicagoteam, to the Jazzmusiker-Initiative-Hannover (http://www.jmi-hannover.de )and -of course- to...


11 Feb 27

Sax (by David Milzow) is back! THE DRAPERS present "Yakety Yak" with their new video!

Here´s the official musicvideo by THE DRAPERS with their single "Yakety Yak", release is the 11th of March, SAX (by David Milzow) Is back ;-)Have fun!


10 Dec 30

2010- What a year, a look back: "Jazz in town", "The Drapers", playing in Dave Liebman´s  Quartett

Many things happened, what a year! My concertseries "Jazz in town"- The sound of surprise was a full sucess: with my colleageus I could reach many new listeners for our "Jazz made in Hannover" and establish a new event in my hometown. The next big...


10 Nov 28

First time in german TV, this never happened before :-)

A funny interview and "We no speak Americano" a´la David Milzow/Roland Kirk, don´t miss the 5th of Dez., RTL, 8.15 pm!


10 Nov 08

"Yakety Yak" and "We no speak Americano" with "THE DRAPERS" live in ZDF!

I had a lot of fun with "THE DRAPERS", performing the old Hit "Yakety Yak" live in ZDF!Best regards to Dunja Hayali and Cherno Jobatey and the crew!  One day before, here´s our live-version of "We no speak...


10 Oct 28

"We no speak Americano" by THE DRAPERS in TV!

Some people know it already, since this summer I´m a member as a Saxophonist of the band "THE DRAPERS", patterned after the success of the No.1 Hit "We no speak Americano" by the YOLANDA BE COOL- project:Our new record "We no speak...


10 Aug 25

  Live @ THE DOME in Hannover!!!

Now on this Friday: I got the pleasure to perform the No. 1- Hit "We no speak Americano" by „Yolanda be cool“!!! House with Swing, here´s the Video:


10 Jul 01

"RockIt!" by D´n´A- GROUP and "Search for truth" by THE SCREENCLUBare online available:

www.itunes.de www.amazon.de or www.amazon.com www.musicload.de or for your mobile...


09 Jun 03

Welcome to my new website!

Here you get all infos about my music and current projects, read what Tom Scott, Sonny Rollins and Dave Liebman say about my playing. Have a look at the reviews about the Sample-CD´s "LiquidSax" and "Liquid HornSection" and try the...