07 Nov 12

New Release: DNA-Group performs Red Hot Chili Peppers!

What is the connection between Red Hot Chili Peppers and jazz fusion? The answer is this album!
Once all great jazz musicians transformed the best popular songs of their time in improvisational art .

Nowadays the DNA GROUP - with saxophonist David Milzow, guitarist Johannes Uhlmann, bassist Sebastian Hoffmann and drummer Robert Jöcks - pick up on this venerable tradition.
The songs of the RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS, from "Californication", "Under The Bridge" to many others are transformed by the DNA GROUP in their own thrilling world of instrumental rock jazz and crossover music:

Hard driving grooves, exciting varying grooves of drums and bass hit singing guitar riffs and expressive Tenor-Sax. This allows hearing the songs of the RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS in a fresh, appealing and totally new sound.
The DNA GROUP succeeds to integrate their great virtuoso solo excursions by Sax and guitar in a unique band sound and open up the whole thing for improvisations and a colorful mixture of temporary song formats and rhythms of pop and rock.
Once the concept of "DNA Group performs RHCP" live was tested successfully several times, it was time to capture this stunning experiment on CD.
On one hand, the Red Hot Chili Peppers fans can discover facets of the songs of their heroes, the jazz fan on the other hand will be thrilled to hear with what virtuosity and inventiveness DNA Group go to work.

David Milzow: " We want to be free to play ‘Freedom' and share it with our audience. The Songs by the RHCP give us this freedom to play and many things more:They have great atmospheres, moods and are full of life experiences- and they perfectly fit to our Jazz to Rock-explorations.
To the RHCP- gentlemen, thank you for your music, which give us the ‘breeding ground'
To our listeners: We hope you enjoy it!"

"DNA Group performs RHCP" is a unique work that not only brings together the best of both worlds, but transfers this combination to a new level.
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Under The Bridge
Soul To Squeeze
Breaking The Girl
Can´t Stop
Suck My Kiss
Hump De Bump
The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie
Slow Mood
Fast Mood