Comments of the masters 

Tom Scott about David Milzow´s playing in sample- CD "Liquid Sax" ( 12/05, Review at a Glance):
"Someone finally got it right! That´s the best sampled sax I´ve heard to date. Who needs me to write a review?! "  

Bret Primack, Sonny Rollins´ Webmaster via email Friday, 09/08/2006 
"David: I played your music for Sonny over the phone and he really dug it.
He asked that you send him a CD to: Sonny Rollins... (private address)" 
Sonny Rollins after listening to the CD: "Keep on playing, please.", sent via email(11/05/2006) by Bret Primack, Sonny Rollins´ Webmaster

Dave Liebman at his masterclass, Stroudsburg/near to New York, 08/02/2008:
„ of the gentlemen from Hannover/Germany brought an incredible piece and played it amazingly. We were like standing o 10´o´clock in the morning... So I asked if he would be able to play his solopiece, untiteled. I think it´s really great what he did. Please welcome from Hannover/Germany: David Milzow...
... I must say- of course David will obviously agree with me-  it makes me thinking of Michael Brecker. That language was created by Michael, David took it somewhere and I really  appreciate this..."
"Pleasure to have you at the masterclass--- Best Lieb" on his greetingcard

References about „LiquidSax", played by David Milzow 12/05
Review at a Glance

How does it sound?
"Sax-tastic"! (That's good). If you don't believe me, then hear it from a Grammy winner....
Liquid Sax is a sample library of created by Ueberschall, of Alto, Tenor, Baritone, and Soprano saxophones. Each instrument is played in different phrases based upon a variety of different genres. The styles range from that of the "smoke filled", traditional jazz bar sounds of the early 1950's to more contemporary "smooth" jazz type styles. There's bebop, swing, cool 60's soul and bossa, 70's funk, Latin, rock and more. Even dance music will benefit from the vast array of this collection of riffs. Really, as you'll soon learn, there's no limit to which "style" you use Liquid Sax, due to it's one of a kind editability.
If you want "real", then . . . hire a "real" sax player to throw down licks as professional as these. It's true, this is not a living sax player, but it's played by one and truly sounds the best of ANY sample collection around today.
The sound quality is, to date, the best I've ever heard. There have been other saxophone sample discs, sample players, and sample loop recordings, but Liquid Sax is the first sax sample collection to truly sound like the real thing. Listen close and you'll hear the players' reed noises as they blow. I'm sorry, but that's a component missing from most all the rest and certainly something you will not get from a MIDI file.
Speaking of ... a "real" saxophone player, I thought that I'd give a shout out to someone I work with, who just might be somewhat of an authority on sax and sax samples. So, I had Tom Scott stop by my studio for a listen and got his opinion of the Liquid Sax...So, what did he say? After giving the liquid sax a listen, without a pause, Tom Scott said, "Someone finally got it right! That's the best sampled sax I've heard to date." Who needs me to write a review?! If that's not an endorsement, what is!

Computer Music 10/05
Ueberschall have made their name producing top quality sample collections and now, with a range of ROMplers also under their belt, they've developed Liquid Instruments. Liquid Saxophone is the first release in the series, and comprises alto, tenor, baritone and soprano saxes.
The quality of Liquid Saxophone's samples is excellent - the material is plentiful and covers a wide range of styles.
One saxy mutha
The loops contained within the library were performed by well-regarded session musicians and are excellent. The quality of the recordings is excellent too, and no compression or processing has been used. The tenor sax is particularly mouthwatering and has the tone and grit of a truly sexy sounding instrument.
The four saxes cover a wide range of styles, including smooth 50s bar-jazz, swing, be-bop, hard bop, 60s riffs, 70s licks, Brazilian, 80s pop, 90s acid jazz and more.

Music Tech 10/05
Pure sound
The quality of the samples ­all recorded dry and free from any processing ­is first-class. And as you might expect in a sax sample library, much of the material is in a jazzy vein, and some of it is rather busy ­particularly the bebop stuff...
This is very impressive software coupled with an equally imposing set of sampled saxophone playing. And together, they really do provide a vast range of melodic possibilities. The styles on offer range from 50s bar jazz through to 90s acid jazz and just about everything between. ....However, as mentioned above, the playing is heavily jazz influenced (even the Rock Rebel category contains smooth jazzy phrases) and the collection might have more commercial appeal with the inclusion of more gutsy blues and rock licks.

Overall Rating (1 through 5): 5
UEBERSCHALL Liquid Saxophone
By Marty Cutler
Jan 1, 2006 12:00 PM
Gratuitous Sax
Saxophonist David Milzow coaxes fat, burnished tones from his instruments and provides a rich balance of jazz, pop, and funk phrases for the collection. His innate sense of swing informs almost everything he plays and lets you adapt, for example, funk riffs to bebop or vice-versa. Realistic elements include the percussive valve noise punctuating the baritone sax riffs on SoulSlap and the rich tenor-sax multiphonics found on the baritone Brazil and Mad Doc samples...
The soprano saxophone phrases are gorgeous, sometimes recalling the nuanced phrasing of Wayne Shorter. The intimate recordings capture plenty of realistic artifacts - you can hear breath and air crossing the reeds. With the help of Melodyne technology, Liquid Saxophone sets a new benchmark for sample players, and I recommend it highly.

Derek Johnson
The most important thing about the phrase library is, of course, the player (David Milzow) and the music he's playing. Using a variety of vintage horns and mouthpieces, David blows his way in jazzy and soulful fashion through the basic soprano, alto, tenor and baritone family (there's no bass sax, sadly). His experience shows in the neatly executed, stylistically appropriate licks, riffs and solos he provides. The baritone patch 'SoulSlap' is a standout amongst dozens, funky mouthpiece pops and all. In fact, it's the feel of these recordings, enhanced by the key noise and breaths, that makes them so strong. Sadly, the Program names don't give you much idea of what to expect: 'AFunk', 'Boogalues', 'MightyBop', 'SoulSlap', 'SoulGlow' are some of the more comprehensible ones, but some refer obliquely to tracks, styles and players, and you'll have to confirm by listening in many cases.

References about „LiquidHornSection", played and arranged by David Milzow
Andreas Ecker
Liquid Horn Section
Of course you could also play some chords with an usual sampler but you'll never achieve the liquid sound experience given with this plug-in...
Horn Section is a new enrichment for the Liquid Instrument Series. Instead of postulated horns you'll find find a wide spectrum of woodwinds and brasses, tailored for the arrangment of complete horn sections. But no alternative to the solo brasses Liquid Trumpet and Saxophone.
As expected also this library convinces with the quality of sound. All licks can be changed in tempo and scale and thanks to the Melodyne-Algorithm the outcome is still on the highest level. The stability of this program is also creditable...
Within the 600 mb library you'll find almost everything you need for a complete horn section. Of course you could also play some chords with an usual sampler but you'll never achieve the liquid sound experience given with this plug-in...

Liquid Horn Section
Compupter Music, April 2007
Unless you have the resources to record the real instruments, getting a good brass sound out of your computer is next to impossible. Or rather, it was, for the Liquid
Instrument Horn Section makes a much better job of doing this than most synths and sample libraries...
In fact, Horn Section is probably the most successful Liquid Instrument yet seen - it's possible to alter the original sounds quite a bit before they start to sound unnatural, and the quality of the samples themselves is top-notch...
If you want realistic brass parts that can be tailored to your project with ease, look no further.


PC & Musik, Juni 2006
Liquid Horn Section
Blow my hat off! This Horn Section is, thanks to the Liquid Player and the first class quality of the samples, miles ahead of any mere mortal library. Funk- and soulproducers without their own horns should buy this one immediately...
A soundbank seperate into staccato and legato with the categories „high", „mid" and „low intensity". In there you'll find folders like „Coolphunk", „Harlem" or „Groovemaster" and they even keep what they promise. Each phrase is served with the classical orchestra (saxophone, trambone, trumpet, and so on). Besides that the library also includes an extra section with chords, swells and extra notes. The whole material is perfectly recorded and sound like the above named bands (Tower of Power, Earth, Wind & Fire, and others).



David Milzow