1997 Bigband CD „Clean, fine and funky"
2000 Bigband CD "Statements"
2001 David Milzow Quartett with Billy 
         Bontas (dr), Sebastian Hoffmann
         (e- bass), Jan Behrens (p), Promo-CD 
2002 The Screenclub "Planing
         Incoincidence", Promo-CD 
2003 The Screenclub "Search for truth",   
         for Tank-records
         Ueberschallrecords "Vintage licks and phrases" 
2004 David Milzow Quartett feat. Jean-Louis Rassinfosse (db), 
         with Billy Bontas (dr) und Hakan Türközü (org), 
         not released until now
         The Screenclub "Victory", released with "Search for truth"
         James Kakande with Emma Lanford „My little red bag" for
         Mousse T.´s  Peppermintlabel
2005 Ueberschall "LiquidSax" 
         Soulpower „The best of year one" with Clyde Stubblefield,
         Marva Whitney, Melva Houston, Waldo Wheathers
         and others 
         recordings for LOS BRANDOS
2006 The Screenclub "Next Channel" 
         with Nene Vasquez, Hajo Hoffmann for Tonikum-label 
         Ueberschall „LiquidHorns" as saxophonist/flutist and 
         arranger with Mario Hernandez/El Indio (tp) and 
         Chris Fiedler (tb)
         Lyn Collins Live-DVD "Mama Feelgood" for Hi/Fly-Records
2007 The Screenclub Promo- CD for Gala- and Events
2008 The Screenclub "The time is now!" for Tank-records
         D´n´A- Group "Rockit!" studiorecordings in Mousse T.´s
         Peppermintstudio, released@ Tank-records
2009 Saxophonsolo- recording, not released until now
         Duorecording with Jean- Louis Rassinfosse,
         not released until now
2010 "Jazz Colors" for Ueberschall as saxophonist (tenor, alto)
         and flute            
         "Just Me" by Greg Perrineau/leader of "Eruption",
          Tenorsolo in "Love is the reason"
         "We No Speak Americano" with The Drapers for Superstar            Recordings on tenor-, bari-, sopranosax, clarinet
         in "We No Speak Americano" (Live Version),
         "Nah Neh Nah", "Yakety Yak" und "Puttin' On The Ritz"
         Recording D´n´A- Group in Mousse T´s Peppermintstudio,
         not released until now
2012  "DNA-Group performs Red Hot Chili Peppers"
          for MIG-Music
         "Rare Grooves Vol 1, Live Session" for Ueberschall
2013  "Bass Saxophone" for Ueberschall
2014  "Mezza Milzow- Project" feat. Ettore Fioravanti, released               @Abeat Records
2015  EP "Pink Butterfly", released 27.4.2015
2016  Single "Sax On Beat", released 1.8.2016 @recordJet
          "The Screenclub Plays Greatest Hits", released 15.8.2016  
          "The Hannover Swing Connection Plays Greatest Hits",  
          released 21.9.2016 @recordJet
2017  "Sax- Fantasies in Eb-Baritone",
          released 31.3.2017@recordJet
          "Flowers for Harry", released 3.4.2017@recordJet
          (im Duo mit Jean-Louis Rassinfosse)
          "Sax- Fantasies in Bb- Tenor",
          released 8.12.2017@recordJet
          "Sax- Fantasies in Bb-Soprano",
          released 8.12.2017@recordJet
2018   Mezza Milzow European Quartet "Bringing It Back",
          released 25.5.2018@Unit Records


David Milzow